Super Mini Pla The King of Braves Gaogaigar Gekiryujin

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Finally the Chinese brave chantry god appears at the premium Bandai limited super minipla!
It is a set of "wind dragon" and "thunder dragon".
System change from vehicle mode to Robo mode with replacement deformable unit, and symmetrical docking to Shakura god are possible.
If it is combined with super released Ryujin, the phantom dragon god and strong dragon god can also be reproduced.
The proportions are reproduced with a massive form as per the image in the play.
Made of ABS.

【Set content】
● Plastic model 1 set
● 1 gum

Pla Parts: ABS

Age of target
15 years and over

H 150 mm × W 110 mm

Product from:
Japan P-BANDAI Web Exclusive