MG 1/100 Mission Pack E-Type & S-Type for (Gundam F90) Plastic Model ( JAN 2020 )

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Expected release date is Late January 2020


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S type of long distance support specifications,

The E-type of the electronic battle specification that took off the ball-


Jointly to "MG 1/100 Gundam F90" (sold separately), a mission pack capable of reproducing S type long distance support specifications and E type electronic warfare specifications comes up!


※ MS body is not included with this product.

※ This product and "MG 1/100 Gundam F90" (sold separately / premium bandai sales item) are required to reproduce the photos.

Mission pack, developed for San Francisco's "Formula Project" prototype MS Gundam F90, by S. N. R. I.

S type and E type appear in master grade by completely new modeling!

<Can reproduce two types of mission pack! >

● S (support) type of long distance support specification

Three-dimensionalization of the large volume arming of the long range weapon and the posture stabilization mechanism by new modeling.

Long distance beam gun "Mega Beam Cannon"

The back option mounted long range beam cannon has a movable gimmick forward.

"4 beam beam cannon" & "2 missile missile pod"

The two-armed cannon beam gun follows the settings and thoroughly reproduces the connection with the lumbar energy tank with the lead wire and the varnish tube.

Cruising missiles

The leg mounted cruise missile can deploy the wing by gimmick and detach from the base.

Support jack

The rear waist support jack of the posture stabilization mechanism can reproduce the expansion and contraction state by replacing parts.

● E (Electronic) type of electronic warfare specification

Electronic battle specification equipment newly written up by Mr. Kunio Ogawara. Three-dimensionalizing each characteristic shape with new modeling.


The back radome can be flexibly moved by the connecting arm parts.

Directional jamming rifle

Newly shaped three-dimensional jamming rifle for electronic interference.

Electronic warfare equipment for the shoulders and back waist

Faithfully modeling additional equipment on the shoulders and back waist to the setting picture.

Rear waist equipment can move up and down by gimmick.

● Water transfer decals are included.

Water transfer decal including original marking is attached.

Set contents: S type equipment set / E type equipment set

※ MS body is not included with this product.

※ This product includes only "Mission pack E type & S type".


1/100 scale assembly model plastic model

Target age: 15 years old or more

Product material: PS · PVC · PET

No glue is used for assembly


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