METAL BUILD Evangelion Unit-02 (Neon Genesis Evangelion) Action Figure ( IN STOCK )

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2nd impact of steel
The second unit appeared in the popular EVA series!

The long-awaited second machine appears in METAL BUILD Evangelion, which was designed and received favorable response by Mr. Iku Yamashita, the creator of Evangelion Design.
The distinctive red coloration is also a new assault with a number of brightly new armaments.

[Design and supervision] Iku Yamashita ("Evangelion" series mechanic design)
[Body modeling] Saka Tatsumi (dragon studio)
[Color coordination] Hirose Hirose (Decomass Lab)

● New armed
Includes various armaments by Mr. Iku Yamashita, who was popular even in the first aircraft, with his new drawing.
We will produce a new 2nd machine.

-Reproduce the head at awakening
The head of the awakening image is also reproduced without replacement.

Set Contents

・ Main body
・ Replacement wrist left and right four each
・ Pallet rifle
・ Thigh pylon
・ Sander spear
・ Progressive knife × 2
・ Sheath for progressive knife × 2
・ Folding blade type progressive knife (storage)
・ Folding blade type progressive knife (deployment)
・ Headset with goggles
・ Headset
・ Shoulder needle launcher left and right
・ A set of joints
・ Ambilical cable set
・ Dedicated pedestal set
・ Support

  • Product size: Tall: 220mm / 8.66"inch
  • Material: PVC, ABS, Die-cast
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