KERORO Spirits Garuru's Spark Jegama (Keroro Gunso) Action Figure

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"Super Keroro sergeant UC fierce battle! Keroro Robo Great Battlefield" Appears the special machine "Legend of Garu" "Spark Jegama"!
Equipped with a long rifle, Kelon army highest spec airframe with overwhelming shooting ability.

"Garu exclusive spark · geega" which appears in "Sergeant Keroro sergeant UC fierce battle !! Keroro Robo Great Battlefield" serialized at "Monthly Shonen Ace" is commercialized.
Reproduce normal mode and battle mode Dangerous mode. Furthermore, saucers can be separated and combined and customized. Long rifle is included.

● Deformable gimmick
Transformation from normal mode to battle Dangerous mode.
In the Dangerous mode, the knee part stretches and the total height becomes high.

● Flying saucer gimmick
In normal mode, part of the Dangerous Mode parts can be combined with the saucer and customized.

● Armed form
Long rifle equipped with the order of Lieutenant Garuu specializing in long-distance sniper.
Hold one hand, both hands are possible and mount on the back is also possible.
The command knife equipped on both feet can be removed and equipped.

Set Contents

· Main body
· Lieutenant Garuu Figure
· Flying saucer
· Long rifle
· Command knife × 2
· Missile pod × 2
· Shield wing × 2
· Clost stabilizer × 2
· Thruster × 2
· Two universal joints

  • Product size: Tall: 170mm / 6.69"inch
  • Material: PVC, ABS
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