Excellent Model Shinrabansho Choco Demon Princess Asmodeus PVE Figure

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Excellent Model "all the host Shinra chocolate" series 5th, the "Great Satan and eight pillars piece" than Masenhime Asmo Diez comes in. It has a magic Shogun Asutarotto mother, popular character who attracted attention in collaboration with app game in recent years. For Asutarotto with a bewitching charm, the figure of Asmo Diez off a different again attractive spirited image, and three-dimensional reproduced image street. Also as reserved purchase privilege of a particular this time the store, because the A4 size water poster comes with using the "mother and daughter co-starring" illustrations due to draw down Mitsuhiro Mr. Harakawa, not to be missed absolutely if fan.

  • Product size: Tall: 190mm / 7.48"inch
  • Material: PVC, ABS